Working in painting and video, Platek is concerned with phenomena of appearance and disappearance, a dialectic that exists simultaneously in his art and in space. Light and darkness, together with the unpainted canvas, are the main ingredients of his painting. Governed by such polarities, his painting progresses between two opposing ends, from detailed figuration to enhanced painterly gesture, to abstraction.

Motivated by the need to appear and monstrate on the one hand, but on the other to disappear into his surrounding, Platek typically appears in person in his own videos. By blending into shapes and structures around him (hugging a street pole, enshrouding himself in cloth, or standing perfectly still), he reclaims for himself – as for objects, landscapes and buildings – the basic right of being no more than just shape, a mere object.

As the videos progress, the basic impulse of showing through pranks and humoristic gestures evolves into new, inventive ways of seeing, both for him and for the viewer. Assuming something of a solitary, outsider persona, he appears unable to function properly in the environment he finds himself in, triggering the invention of new ways to engage with the objects around him.